I can’t sew, I’ve got enough stress in my life without taking on anything else! But that’s just it, sewing can be therapeutic, it really doesn’t have to be stressful.

I find that most of my clients get so involved with what they are making that they totally zone out from work & family problems. It gives your brain a rest from the other things that are going on in your life, a chance for a slower pace & some quiet time. Some classes are full of chat & laughter, others you can feel the concentration & could hear a pin drop.

Your brain can only process so much at one time & as you lose yourself in creating, which puts you in a similar state as meditation! Sewing is a natural anti-depressant, apparently, your brain releases dopamine, wow!

Another good thing that I’ve only just found out, sewing may help protect your brain against signs of aging. When you are sewing, you use different parts of your brain, you have to use spatial thinking, creative thinking & problem solving.

Sewing can also help to lower your blood pressure, I know it doesn’t feel like that when you are having to unpick a zip for the third time! So now for some numbers, experienced sewers heart rate dropped by 11 beats per minute after sewing, while beginners heart rate dropped by 7 beats per minute! They also tested them while reading a newspaper, playing video games & painting, there heart rates went up by 4-8 beats per minute.

When you finish a project, it feels great, when other people ask where you bought it gives you a great sense of pride & achievement to be able to say I made it.

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