So you have booked your class after months of just thinking about it, you even took the sewing machine out of the box, took one look at the instructions & put it all away again. You are a little excited about the whole new creative world that’s opening up. But a bit apprehensive as well, will I like it? Will I make a fool of myself in front of everyone, will they be friendly, do they all know more than me? In fact, you almost feel it’s like going back to school.sewing-machine-skills

I teach in small groups so it’s a fun friendly atmosphere, there is no such thing as a silly question. We have tea or coffee & chat about the best places to buy fabric, haberdashery or if you haven’t already bought a sewing machine what type might suit you.

At ‘Beginners Sewing Machine Skills’ everyone is a complete beginner, so you are starting from the same place. I’ll show you how to thread your sewing machine & thread a bobbin, then you will have a go yourself – if you haven’t got a machine you can use one of mine.

Then we go onto making samples of different types of seam, their uses, how to neaten the fabric so it doesn’t fray.

Next needles & feet! Which type of needle you need to use for different types & weight of fabric. When you use the correct needle for each project you will get a much better finish. The aim is for a project to always look handmade not homemade! Then how to change a presser foot & what jobs the different ones do.

Different types of hem, which is the best for different types of fabric.

You will take loads of notes, so bring plenty of pens & paper, you will take home your samples to help to remind you what you have learned. All you need to bring is your sewing machine as well as the pen & paper, I supply all the fabrics you need for the samples.

Testimonials from previous clients

Sewing made easy by Sally – September 2016 (Beginners Sewing Machine Skills)

Great tuition, I was a complete beginner and I have come away feeling confident that I can begin some basic projects and feeling enthusiastic, I will certainly be booking further workshops to get some more fabulous tuition.

Beginners Sewing Machine Skills

by KRIS_DEBLOCK – April 2016

Mary Anne is an experienced teacher who managed to show us quite a lot about sewing in this three-hour session. Very relaxed atmosphere, great little venue, hands-on learning and good fun!

Just had to say that I really enjoyed your sewing class

Mandy July 29th 2015

Just had to say that I really enjoyed your sewing class, I learnt a great deal in such a fun and relaxed way. You are the knowledge in all sewing matters and will be coming back to make that garment very soon. Thanks again Mandy x



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