Buy the best you can afford; this machine could be with you for a lot of years.

(I had a machine for 35 years & did a lot of sewing on it!)

Usually the slightly more expensive machines have better motors & are more reliable.

Buy a good make (hate to say it but the cheaper Singer machines aren’t what they used to be, showing my age here!)

I learnt on an old Singer, one of the first electric machines only did straight stitch but it was used practically every day & lasted for years.

Most of the cheap machines (though not all) don’t sew very well, stitching is uneven, tension has a mind of its own & it is noisy. A good sewing machine is an investment.

Noise, not something you would probably think about, but where are you going to set up your machine & when are you most likely to sew? If you want to sew after the kids have gone to bed it will wake them up.

Perhaps you want to sew in the living room while others are watching television? You won’t be very popular if they can’t hear over the sound of your machine. Or maybe in a spare bedroom, you want to sew late in the evening, if the walls are thin you will wake the neighbours!

Are you going to use all those fancy stitches? There are a lot on my machine that I’ve never used & if you talk to other sewers you will find the same. In my experience both Janome & Brother are good makes but there are others as well, particularly the more you spend Bernina, Phaff etc.

So, do your research both online & in shops, ask questions. Please get in touch if you would like to ask me any questions via:                                                                                                                       Why not visit my online shop?

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