I love, love, love upcycling! It is a really fun part of sewing, I get a real kick out of taking something that is unloved, worn out, out of fashion and turning it into something that turns heads!2016-01-16 10.34.12

When I wear something I have made through upcycling total strangers come up to me and say they love what I’m wearing, where did I get it. The feeling of being able to say I made it is a real confidence boost, even after all my years of sewing. This jacket is my latest upcycle, my partner brought home an old pair of curtains that he had been given. I stored them away for a while, then needing a warm winter jacket I got them out and played around with ideas, I drew a paper pattern on newspaper then got going with the scissors. The fabric wasn’t thick enough for the jacket to be very warm, so I interlined it with some woolen fabric that I had been given. The wool was scratchy and horrible, but sandwiched between the curtain fabric and a lining it’s fine.

It is funny how the universe puts things in your path, I had an email the other day from The Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products. They invited me to come along to an upcycling workshop, they want to ask me about my experiences of commercialisation in terms of barriers, problems, or difficulties as well as your opinions on what interventions (e.g. policy) may be required to help my business to become mainstream. My little business that I run from a narrowboat is going to be mixing with the bigwigs! I’ll let you know what happens!


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