Get yourself a coffee settle down & read my true story! Well, I was working for a woman called Lady Dowding, she was the widow of Air Marshal Dowding, their home was in Wiltshire. She hadn’t got much to do with her days, she was in her 70s she had a housekeeper, me as the cook, a butler & a cleaner. There was a gamekeeper, gardeners, all sorts of people. Most of them I never met. They didn’t come up to the big house. She was very meticulous. I probably didn’t fit in very well, but it was certainly a different way of working. Lady Dowding would come down to the kitchen after her evening meal and have a quick chat with me.

timing is everything

To tell me what she wanted to eat the next day. What her breakfast would be lunch, dinner, etc. Quite often breakfast would be a boiled egg. That’s fine. But what was happening in the morning was I’d cook a boiled egg. Wrap it in a tea towel. Put that on a plate, pop it in the dumb waiter (little lift that’s for moving goods between floors). Higgins the butler would ring the gong. Then he would go up to the dining room. Take the egg out of the dumbwaiter, pop it into a little a cup with an egg cozy on it to take the toast as well to madam, who was sitting at the dining table which was laid out with the candelabra, etc. But that was no good because she had to wait for her egg. So, she decided, I’d tell Higgins to ring the gong when I put the egg in the boiling water which I did. Same rigmarole Higgins puts the egg into the cup, covers it with a cozy takes the egg & toast to the table for Madam. But that was no good because she had to wait.

We’re only talking a minute or two here. I mean how long does it take to boil an egg when you’ve got the water boiling ready? She timed herself walking from sitting at her dressing table in her bedroom upstairs, walking downstairs to the dining room and sitting down. I was told the precise time I had to put the egg into the water.Tell Higgins to ring the gong 30 seconds after the egg has gone into the water, so the egg and Madam could arrive at the table at the same time. No, I’m not making this up. It’s absolutely true. Http://

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