A year ago I succumbed! After many years of saying I don’t need one, I’ll never use it etc. etc. But I wouldn’t have made this dress without one!

Drum rIMG_1531oll, I bought an overlocker!! Well Lidl had them on offer, a machine that was selling on Amazon for £250 was £139, and well it would have been rude to refuse! The reason I’m telling you this now, they are running the offer again (the overlocker will be £129, so even cheaper) not sure of the date so look it up, but if you do decide to come over to the dark side it is amazing, but get to the shop before it opens, there will be a queue.

It will never take the place of a sewing machine but it can do loads of things with practise, must admit I’m still learning (but I’m still learning new sewing ideas, more things come on the market to make things easier or more creative and that is after more years than I care to remember.)

Please check out the Sewing Seams Easy website: https://sewingseamseasy.co.uk
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