Start A Sewing Business From Home Around

Your Family

Start a sewing business from home around your family, save on Child Care.

Learn how.

Do you dread the kids being ill & having to ask for a few days off work to look after them? The boss raising their eyebrows & the what again, you took time off 3 weeks ago, etc. etc. Then there’s the school holidays!

Do you struggle to look after the family while holding down a full-time job?

Childcare is so expensive & difficult to find, if you love sewing, I have another option for you.

Why not start a sewing business from home? It could be mending & alterations/ running classes/ making things to sell or taking commissions!

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it isn’t network marketing/MLM/doorstep selling, etc.
I will show you how to start a sewing business from home around the family.


I’ve been running a sewing business for the past 8 years so why would I want to help you?

I can’t physically teach everyone who wants to learn to sew or mend their clothes, upcycle or refashion.

I am passionate about upcycling, refashioning, mending & altering garments so we can stop using fast fashion.

We are all trying to help the environment, this is a creative way of doing just that while earning a good living & having a less stressful time with your family.

I will show you how I started making money in my first week!

How I regularly charge £45 for a 3hour beginner’s class & have 6 people attend…

You are trying to be everything to everyone, hold down a job, look after the kids & be a people pleaser!

This is what you need & therefore it will work for you. Let me give you some tips & tools to help you.

Maryanne is client-focused and committed to providing a very high level of service. Queries are always answered promptly and effectively. Maryanne wants to understand your business so that she can help grow it through her online business, social media and networking connections.

Nicky Bryden

Business Development Director

Maryanne has a great width and depth of knowledge and is ever willing to share this with us students with great patience and humour. She makes everything seem possible (sewing-wise at least) …… and I always look forward to our Monday morning sewing classes.

Cheryl Keane

Maryanne has been tutoring at Blue Haze Arts & Crafts in Chesham for what feels like forever! She has a fantastic following of students who have gone from strength with their sewing journey! Maryanne is a fantastic tutor!

Hazel Hopkinson

The solution is here, just keep reading, because if this has resonated with you so far then I can definitely help you.

If you have children, childcare is so expensive, whenever the children are ill or it’s the school, holidays you have to beg for time off work!

Let me show you how you can work from home teaching sewing & earn an income.

I’ve been doing it for 8 years!


Download my amazing eBook for £4.99 (reduced from £19.99) where I show you how I regularly make £270 in one 3hr session!

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