Sewing Seams Easy has moved to CornwallIt’s been an incredibly long time since my last newsletter, life sort of took over! Well to bring you up to date there have been some sad times, happy times & a total shake up of mine & my family’s worlds.

The sad times both Tony’s mum & my mum died within 24 hours of each other, in different parts of the country. It was almost as if Doreen (Tony’s mum) who died on New Year’s Eve 2017 gave my mum a nudge & said it was about time she joined her, she died on New Year’s Day 2018! Doreen was 94 & my mum was 99.
After all the sorting out & funerals we decided to have a total fresh start. I had a chat with Charlotte (my daughter) & we thought it would be a good idea to move to the West Country (I had grown up on Dartmoor). Charlotte moved to Cornwall as she had a couple of old school friends nearby.
Then began the house hunting, 500-mile round trip to view houses! Eventually we found somewhere we liked, so the legal wheels started to turn. It only took 6 weeks but felt like a lifetime. I started to shut down my sewing classes, alterations & doing the floating markets. Must admit it was harder than I thought it would be saying goodbye to my boaty friends (thank goodness for Facebook!)
Charlotte had to move again as she was too far from us for me to do grandma duties so she could work. Found her a lovely little cottage about 4 miles away, close but not too close. Lucas is going to a lovely village school, when they first moved there wasn’t any places available, so Charlotte was home schooling.

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I started running sewing classes again & even helped at a lottery funded group giving free sewing lessons to kids over the summer holidays. I’ve also been doing a lot of craft markets selling my refashioned denim jackets along with other items I make from upcycled fabrics.
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There are lots more stitchy related plans afoot, so there will be more newsletters but don’t worry I won’t be bombarding you. But a few photos of the beautiful Cornish scenery will creep in, we are on the edge of Bodmin Moor.
I will be in touch when I’ve got more sewing/craft related things to tell you.
Best wishes
Maryanne xx

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