Lessons for a busy mum

This isn’t where I lecture you on getting up earlier or staying up later (unless you want to!) But it is how you can be creative in small pockets of time, sewing is therapeutic & calming, you can lose yourself in it but still be available if you should suddenly be needed! This is where you get to use your creative muscles.

You are too busy to come to classes & have no childcare so what do you do?

I have started Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee, so you can sew at home but have me available to help you understand the pattern, talk you through the steps, perhaps suggesting easier ways of doing things, showing you that you don’t need to spend a fortune on fabrics. Sounds good huh?!

Every month there is a video of a new project, December is going to be a little girl’s dress – perhaps for Christmas Day? Imagine how great you will feel when the grandparents, friends & family tell her how pretty she looks.

You can also suggest things you would like to make in the future. There is a work sheet & a private Facebook group where you can post questions, which I will answer, we also want to see photos of things you have made. There will also be monthly webinars to answer questions & talk through the projects.

Now that helps with childcare, but what about the actual time?

You need a small space where you can leave your sewing machine set up (even if it is the under stairs cupboard, corner of a bedroom, you get the idea.)

Split your project up into small steps, so 10mins you can neaten a seam or press the seams when you are doing the ironing, do any tacking or hand sewing while watching television.

One thing that does take a bit of time is the cutting out, you will need to make some time for that, but why not cut out a couple of items at once. That way you can transfer the markings and they are ready to start sewing later.

Don’t take the pattern off till you are ready to start sewing.

This year I have vouchers available for face to face sewing lessons, but they can also be used for the online classes & even my etsy shop, a friend or family member would also like the chance to get creative.

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