Where can I get fabric that won’t cost the earth?
Charity shops, jumble sales, car boot sales. Be prepared to buy old sheets, duvet covers, curtains, tablecloths, they are a good source of cheap fabric. Check for wear and tear, there are plenty of novelty/character duvet covers that can be made into kids clothes, you will get yards of fabric for only a couple of pounds. Use old sheets to make a toile, then you can check the fit of a pattern before making something that doesn’t fit or finding out that a style doesn’t suit you!
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This tote bag was made from an old skirt, with a crocheted doily sewn on the front to add some interest.

You can buy 70’s curtains and turn them into vintage style dresses and tops, really bright fun designs, great for a boho festival wardrobe. We just need the weather to go with it! Keep an eye out for remnant baskets outside of curtains shops, they will sell off the ends of rolls and the sample curtains cheaply. Good for making bags, cushion covers or anything that you need a good strong fabric.

My Mum was doing upcycling long before it was cool. After the 2nd World War she got Dad’s old army uniform, she unpicked the trousers, took the sleeves out of the jacket and took the pockets off and dyed it all black. She then turned the trousers upside down, using the ankles for the waist and made a skirt. Then recut the shoulders of the jacket, took the sides in and put the sleeves back. She sewed on the pockets in there new place and changed the buttons. Her new suit was much admired.

Getting closer to launching ‘Mary Anne’s Online Sewing Bee’ Yvette from Plan-It Purple is working her magic! Do you think I should do something special for the launch and if so, what would you like?


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