When people find out that I live on a narrowboat the 1st question is – aren’t you cold in winter? The answer is I’ve lived in colder houses, we have a Morso stove which burns coal & wood, it runs 2 radiators & a towel rail. I also use the stove to cook on, I start a casserole off on the gas, then transfer it over to the stove & leave it to bubble for several hours, sometimes putting it on a trivet (if I want to leave it all day or if the stove is very hot). Jacket potatoes can be sliced in half, wrapped in foil & put in the empty ash tray for an hour.

The main problem is lack of space, but we manage, fabric is stored in the seats of the dinette & under the sofa cushions. You learn to get rid of stuff that you don’t use or need. I am getting to the point I need some extra storage for the sewing equipment, 2 sewing machines & 2 over lockers, also I have asked Father Christmas for an embroidery machine!

How do we get power? Well running the engine will top up the batteries (to run anything on 12v, lights, fridge etc.) it will also heat the water. We are very lucky to have electricity at our mooring so we can use 240v, but if you don’t have that you can have solar panels or a wind turbine, when cruising we use a generator to power sewing machine/tv/computer/phones & to charge batteries if not moving for a day or so.

I’m a great believer in where there is a will there is a way, I love living partly off grid! I would like to have a butty just for teaching on, that would be great, cruising around the canals teaching sewing. In later blogs, I’ll tell you why we moved onto a boat & ways it might be suitable for you!

Sewing Seams Easy is featured in SEW NOW magazine on page 7 with ‘Reinvent Your Jeans’ you can download a video & worksheet for my Jeans Tote Bag www.sewingseamseasy.co.uk/sew-now there is also a photo of my fantastic jeans patchwork cushion cover. You can learn how to make that if you join Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee www.sewingseamseasy.co.uk/join-us
I have vouchers available as Christmas Presents they can be used either for face to face classes & workshops or for the online course. Suitable for family & friends who want to learn to sew or have some sewing experience already. Just get in touch & we can arrange to send them out to you.

Have you always wanted to sew but don’t know where to start?

Haven’t got time to go to classes or there are no classes in your area?

Or maybe you don’t have any childcare, are house bound or need to rely on other people for transport?

How to get Free access to Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee, if you come to any of my face to face classes you will get Free access to the online course, that way you can ask questions & get more help after you have gone home! I have opened up some more classes at www.sewingseamseasy.co.uk/events just book on an event & I will let you into the online classes for no extra charge!



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