Beginners Sewing Machine Skills.

This is for you if you are new to sewing & scared to take the machine out of the box! Also great for people who haven’t sewn in a long time & want a refresher! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with learning to use your sewing machine, you probably have friends & family who make it look so easy. Perhaps you’ve been watching the Great British Sewing Bee & wondered if you could ever be that good?  Where do you start? How do you know what will work? How will you find the time to sit & decipher the instruction manual?  How would you feel if you had a video that showed you each step?

It’s not just you, most people who don’t have help with their sewing struggle, wouldn’t it be great to cut out the frustration & struggle to be able to go over & over a process till you totally got it! If I told you that I have created that video, I explain each step, no jargon, you can keep replaying each step.

Beginners Sewing Machine Skills Online Class starts with how to fill the bobbin & thread your machine, most problems are caused by incorrect threading! Who knew that! You do now. We go onto simple seams & how to stop fraying, needles how/when/why to change them & which ones to use.

Why listen to me? I’ve been running sewing classes for the last 8 years & have sewn since I was a small child. I’ve made everything from wedding dresses, soft furnishings, clothes, bags & loads of upcycling! I want to help more people to enjoy sewing. There’s only so many I can reach face-to-face so moving online means I can help so many more people it’s a fantastic hobby which can really help with people’s mental health & well being.

I then go on to show you how to change the feet on your machine & how to use a couple of the more popular ones. Then it’s time for hems! I show you how to blind hem, which is a revelation for anyone who hasn’t done it before. No more hand-sewing hems that have come down or unsightly machining around the bottom of a garment. We also do a rolled hem which is suitable for very fine fabric. For all this, I’m only charging £19.99, think how it will catapult your sewing to another level! I used to charge £45 for this class, but I want to get it out to more people so they can feel the enjoyment & satisfaction of sewing!

I did a Sewing machine basics lesson today and now I feel so much more confident in being able to use my machine and not be afraid of it, from learning how to thread it and wind a bobbin to sewing different seams, hopefully, I will be following this up with more lessons very soon. Mich Preston March 2019

I would recommend this session to anyone who has a sewing machine languishing in the corner but does not have a clue what to do with it! A very friendly and relaxed environment with patient and thorough instruction. Highly recommended by this total beginner 😊 Thank you. Anita Piddington March 2019 

I first attended Beginners Sewing Machine Skills which gave me the confidence to actually use my sewing machine having bought it years previously. MaryAnne is a mine of information, she’s patient and no question is a silly question. The classes are welcoming, relaxed, and friendly. Maria August 2018



FAQ’s Will it work for me? Yes if you are prepared to do what I say in the video if you don’t understand please ask on easy I will answer your question. Do I need to have the same sewing machine like the one in the video, no the basics are the same on most machines, in fact, I’m using 2 different machines as I’m working with a client part of the time.






You’ll be pleased to hear that I have completed the other French Seam, so I can’t wait till next Monday to put on the waistband. Hubby was very impressed said it looks like a skirt I would buy at White Stuff! Gail Mold






Enjoyed the venue, teacher, and fellow sewers very much, thank you Mary Anne for instilling confidence and enthusiasm again.    Beverley McMahon






This class will bring you a sense of achievement, you will be ready to start projects on your own. All this for only £19.99! You will soon make that money back on what you will save on curtains/cushions that’s before you even think about sewing things as presents!




Please remember this product will only work if you do! There is no refund on digital products, but if you are having problems with the product please get in touch with me

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