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Tips for working with stretchy fabric

Use a ball point or stretch needle, that way the needle won't pierce the threads but will slide between them. If the fabric is really stretchy a stretch needle will be best. Use a stretch stitch on your sewing machine and if you don't have one use a zigzag stitch. You...

I’m Sew Excited!

I'm getting really excited about launching 'Mary Anne's Online Sewing Bee' I have been working on it for ages and not getting very far, but I have now got some help from Yvette Segal at Plan-It Purple. Techy stuff isn't something I know a lot about, give me fabric any...

My Sewing Week!

The weekly group meetings have been quite quiet this week, what with inset days & kids going back to school. But it means that the ladies who did come got almost private tuition! So note to you all, the more often you come the more likely you are to find there are...

Make the most of your sewing time with Sewing Seams Easy

Sewing Seams Easy is an sewing club dedicated to making fabulous clothes and soft furnishings in a friendly environment. There are plenty of new things on the horizon! Starting on the 9th March there will be a new evening sewing club meeting in Tring. It will be...

Blog Of A Fashion Designer Wannabe

 Jan 15 Sewing Seams Easy: Sewing Seams Easy is an sewing club dedicated to making fabulous clothes and soft furnishings in a friendly environment. I personally love the idea of a small, self ran sewing business, and wanted to know more about being self employed. Mary...

How to avoid fitting room horrors? (Don’t go in them!)

You know that feeling when you wander round the shops looking for something to wear, nothing fits, they don't have it in your size. the colour doesn't suit you. That is without the discomfort of trying things on in tiny sweaty changing rooms in bad lighting. You end...

Moving and Craft Shop at Lock 42

Moving and Craft Shop at Lock 42 It has been a bit of a topsy turvy month! Most of you have been off on holiday or taking the chance to take the kids out for the day. We have to do things differently, had to move off the boat so it can have a refit, which is exciting...

Tips and Tricks eBook

If you haven't already downloaded my eBook, treat yourself and download it at http://eepurl.com/ZJTjf Sewing tips and tricks, what to do after reading eBook. Well I've written my 1st tips eBook, download it and have a read. Hopefully there are 1 or 2 ideas that will...

8 ways to buy useful things in charity shops!

1) Make sure you have everyone's correct sizes (measure the family!) 2) Keep a look out for nice buttons, lace, trims and zips usually tucked away in small baskets. 3) If you see a fabric you love but hate the style, you can upcycle it into something you love. 4)...

Sewing Bee Party

Something different for the weekend!For the 1st time ever I ran a Sewing Bee for a group of 11 year olds – a birthday party with a difference. I often run different events around sewing for adults, but this time I was approached by a mum wanting me to do a party for a...

I recently attended the Beginners workshop. I had a great time, and achieved all sorts of sewing: from seams to hems.

I will certainly be signing up for the follow on sessions.

I thoroughly recommend Mary Anne, fantastic tutor!

Terry Broadway

I went along to ‘Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine’ this morning and had a great time. Mary Anne Robbins is a brilliant teacher and breaks everything down into simple steps. She’s great fun and full of inspiration!

I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over 30 years but now I’m off to buy a simple pattern to try out. Highly recommended.

Philippa Sawyer

I have just completed the zips for the terrified course – what a revelation!

They are no longer scary!

Great course in a relaxed atmosphere.

Clare Hogan

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