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10 things you need in your sewing kit

Sewing machine – buy the best you can afford; I’ve had sewing machines that have lasted 30 years. You may not use all the stitches, but the quality of the motor will be better & quieter, the stitches will be more accurate and stronger. There will be less problems...

How to get Free access to Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee!

Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee November Project is a Cowl Neck Top. Have you always wanted to sew but don’t know where to start? Haven’t got time to go to classes or there are no classes in your area? Or maybe you don’t have any childcare, are house bound or need...

Learn to Sew & Awaken your Creativity

I’d like to sew but I’m not creative. I hear that quite a bit, people have been squashed into boxes, someone a parent, a teacher told them they aren’t creative & they never try again. Quietly I suppose I have always been a bit of a non-conformist (not so quiet now...

What to expect from your 1st sewing class!

So you have booked your class after months of just thinking about it, you even took the sewing machine out of the box, took one look at the instructions & put it all away again. You are a little excited about the whole new creative world that’s opening up. But a...

Free Jeans Bag Tutorial

This bag always gets lots of compliments whenever I use it! All you need is an old pair of jeans, something to line the bag, a sheet/duvet cover/curtain and thread. You don't need to buy material unless you want to and it is a great way to use a favouite pair of jeans...

I am so excited, it is finally happening!

I am so excited, it is finally happening - Launching Sewing Seams Easy Online Sewing Bee, sewing classes & support that fits around you & your busy life. Think how great you will feel when someone compliments something you have made. No more panicing when your...

Upcycling, I found my passion!

I love, love, love upcycling! It is a really fun part of sewing, I get a real kick out of taking something that is unloved, worn out, out of fashion and turning it into something that turns heads! When I wear something I have made through upcycling total strangers...

The Machine I didn’t expect to love!

A year ago I succumbed! After many years of saying I don’t need one, I’ll never use it etc. etc. But I wouldn’t have made this dress without one! Drum roll, I bought an overlocker!! Well Lidl had them on offer, a machine that was selling on Amazon for £250 was £139,...

How I started sewing/How I pissed off my teachers!

I was lucky enough to have a stay at home mum, she made all our clothes and hers. Everything from the usual dresses and skirts, she made jackets and coats, cocktail dresses. She had her own sewing room, it was a little box room where she had her old singer sewing...

In Holiday Mood

In holiday mood, not a lot of time for sewing, we are cruising on the boat. We have a generator but it is hard to get petrol on the canal, the marina’s sell diesel for the boats, but not petrol. So we will eek out the fuel for the genny, just charging the phones and...

What do you hate most about sewing?

You might think it is putting in a zip, particularly a concealed zip. Or you might say collars or setting in a sleeve, that’s tricky. Maybe altering something to fit you if you don’t have any help with the pinning. Well the worst part for me is getting the tape...

I recently attended the Beginners workshop. I had a great time, and achieved all sorts of sewing: from seams to hems.

I will certainly be signing up for the follow on sessions.

I thoroughly recommend Mary Anne, fantastic tutor!

Terry Broadway

I went along to ‘Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine’ this morning and had a great time. Mary Anne Robbins is a brilliant teacher and breaks everything down into simple steps. She’s great fun and full of inspiration!

I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over 30 years but now I’m off to buy a simple pattern to try out. Highly recommended.

Philippa Sawyer

I have just completed the zips for the terrified course – what a revelation!

They are no longer scary!

Great course in a relaxed atmosphere.

Clare Hogan

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