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Why did I set up my sewing biz?

An abrupt change of events found us living on a narrowboat near Tring. It was during a recession & my online business was failing. Since I’ve been self employed since 1985 I am inclined to think that I’m unemployable, too used to doing things my way!  A chance...

Want to start sewing? Which sewing machine should you buy?

Buy the best you can afford; this machine could be with you for a lot of years. (I had a machine for 35 years & did a lot of sewing on it!) Usually the slightly more expensive machines have better motors & are more reliable. Buy a good make (hate to say it but...

Clearing my mother’s house

My mother has recently had to go into a care home at the age of 98: she was living alone and kept forgetting to eat and drink. She wouldn’t have anyone live with her, so it was the only option. But this isn’t a sad story – it was really touching to see the things she...

My gift to you

My gift to you is a tutorial on How to make a tote bag out of an old pair of jeans. https://sewingseamseasy.co.uk/sew-now/ ‎I bet you can’t make just one bag! Let me tell you about the annual visit to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia I try to get to the...

Glad Doris has gone! Behind the scenes at Sewing Seams Easy

Well, I’m extremely glad Doris has gone, today has been a beautiful spring day. Sunshine & the birds singing again. Yesterday life on the boat was a little scary, all down to Doris! We had waves on the canal & white horses across the reservoir, the boat was...

It’s been a mixed week, how has it been for you?

This week has been a mixture of highs & lows, the lows are all to do with my mother’s health. Well she is 98 & still quite fit for her age, but she has been in hospital since before Christmas, she had stopped eating & drinking, they couldn’t just put her...

The Zen of Sewing Lessons

I can’t sew, I’ve got enough stress in my life without taking on anything else! But that’s just it, sewing can be therapeutic, it really doesn’t have to be stressful. I find that most of my clients get so involved with what they are making that they totally zone out...

But it won’t fit on the boat!

I’ve got a stall for a few days at a local craft fair, at World’s End Garden Centre, near Wendover in Buckinghamshire (20th & 21st December) come along & say hello, we can talk sewing or boating or anything else you are interested in! I did a stall at the...

Sewing & Boating isn’t a natural combination but it works for me!

When people find out that I live on a narrowboat the 1st question is – aren’t you cold in winter? The answer is I’ve lived in colder houses, we have a Morso stove which burns coal & wood, it runs 2 radiators & a towel rail. I also use the stove to cook on, I...

Featured in Sew Now!

Sew Now is a new magazine, the 2nd edition has only just come out. It has some great projects in it that are straight forward to sew. There is a very versatile pattern so you can make 2 dresses & 2 tops, that you can make in different types of jersey. I will be...

Sewing Lessons for a Busy Mum

Lessons for a busy mum This isn’t where I lecture you on getting up earlier or staying up later (unless you want to!) But it is how you can be creative in small pockets of time, sewing is therapeutic & calming, you can lose yourself in it but still be available if...

10 things you need in your sewing kit

Sewing machine – buy the best you can afford; I’ve had sewing machines that have lasted 30 years. You may not use all the stitches, but the quality of the motor will be better & quieter, the stitches will be more accurate and stronger. There will be less problems...

I recently attended the Beginners workshop. I had a great time, and achieved all sorts of sewing: from seams to hems.

I will certainly be signing up for the follow on sessions.

I thoroughly recommend Mary Anne, fantastic tutor!

Terry Broadway

I went along to ‘Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine’ this morning and had a great time. Mary Anne Robbins is a brilliant teacher and breaks everything down into simple steps. She’s great fun and full of inspiration!

I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over 30 years but now I’m off to buy a simple pattern to try out. Highly recommended.

Philippa Sawyer

I have just completed the zips for the terrified course – what a revelation!

They are no longer scary!

Great course in a relaxed atmosphere.

Clare Hogan

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