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Sewing Seams Easy has moved to Cornwall!

Sewing Seams Easy has moved to CornwallIt’s been an incredibly long time since my last newsletter, life sort of took over! Well to bring you up to date there have been some sad times, happy times & a total shake up of mine & my family’s worlds. The sad times...

Why did I set up my sewing biz?

An abrupt change of events found us living on a narrowboat near Tring. It was during a recession & my online business was failing. Since I’ve been self employed since 1985 I am inclined to think that I’m unemployable, too used to doing things my way!  A chance...

Want to start sewing? Which sewing machine should you buy?

Buy the best you can afford; this machine could be with you for a lot of years. (I had a machine for 35 years & did a lot of sewing on it!) Usually the slightly more expensive machines have better motors & are more reliable. Buy a good make (hate to say it but...

Clearing my mother’s house

My mother has recently had to go into a care home at the age of 98: she was living alone and kept forgetting to eat and drink. She wouldn’t have anyone live with her, so it was the only option. But this isn’t a sad story – it was really touching to see the things she...

My gift to you

My gift to you is a tutorial on How to make a tote bag out of an old pair of jeans. https://sewingseamseasy.co.uk/sew-now/ ‎I bet you can’t make just one bag! Let me tell you about the annual visit to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia I try to get to the...

Glad Doris has gone! Behind the scenes at Sewing Seams Easy

Well, I’m extremely glad Doris has gone, today has been a beautiful spring day. Sunshine & the birds singing again. Yesterday life on the boat was a little scary, all down to Doris! We had waves on the canal & white horses across the reservoir, the boat was...

It’s been a mixed week, how has it been for you?

This week has been a mixture of highs & lows, the lows are all to do with my mother’s health. Well she is 98 & still quite fit for her age, but she has been in hospital since before Christmas, she had stopped eating & drinking, they couldn’t just put her...

The Zen of Sewing Lessons

I can’t sew, I’ve got enough stress in my life without taking on anything else! But that’s just it, sewing can be therapeutic, it really doesn’t have to be stressful. I find that most of my clients get so involved with what they are making that they totally zone out...

But it won’t fit on the boat!

I’ve got a stall for a few days at a local craft fair, at World’s End Garden Centre, near Wendover in Buckinghamshire (20th & 21st December) come along & say hello, we can talk sewing or boating or anything else you are interested in! I did a stall at the...

Sewing & Boating isn’t a natural combination but it works for me!

When people find out that I live on a narrowboat the 1st question is – aren’t you cold in winter? The answer is I’ve lived in colder houses, we have a Morso stove which burns coal & wood, it runs 2 radiators & a towel rail. I also use the stove to cook on, I...

Featured in Sew Now!

Sew Now is a new magazine, the 2nd edition has only just come out. It has some great projects in it that are straight forward to sew. There is a very versatile pattern so you can make 2 dresses & 2 tops, that you can make in different types of jersey. I will be...

Sewing Lessons for a Busy Mum

Lessons for a busy mum This isn’t where I lecture you on getting up earlier or staying up later (unless you want to!) But it is how you can be creative in small pockets of time, sewing is therapeutic & calming, you can lose yourself in it but still be available if...

I recently attended the Beginners workshop. I had a great time, and achieved all sorts of sewing: from seams to hems.

I will certainly be signing up for the follow on sessions.

I thoroughly recommend Mary Anne, fantastic tutor!

Terry Broadway

I went along to ‘Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine’ this morning and had a great time. Mary Anne Robbins is a brilliant teacher and breaks everything down into simple steps. She’s great fun and full of inspiration!

I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over 30 years but now I’m off to buy a simple pattern to try out. Highly recommended.

Philippa Sawyer

I have just completed the zips for the terrified course – what a revelation!

They are no longer scary!

Great course in a relaxed atmosphere.

Clare Hogan

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