The weekly group meetings have been quite quiet this week, what with inset days & kids going back to school. But it means that the ladies who did come got almost private tuition! So note to you all, 2015-04-13 10.47.31the more often you come the more likely you are to find there are only a couple of ladies there so you get more attention for the same price. One of the ladies was so determined not to miss her sewing class that she brought the kids along to the group and they were as good as gold.

Also have done a lot more private tuition in peoples homes, remember you can share the lesson with a friend to split the cost. Doing more sewing classes for juniors, the kids want to learn to sew and their minds soak up the knowledge like sponges. If you have kids aged 10+ & a largish kitchen/dining table I’m happy to come along and teach a group in your home (20 mile radius of Tring). They get the sewing bug early and learn a skill that will last a lifetime, you get them away from the computer screen for a couple of hours, win/win!

Even managed to find time to make a top for myself and cut out another one. With the warmer weather I had a look at my summer wardrobe & found that it needs serious surgery! What’s yours like? I’m running a dressmaking course in Chesham over 2 Saturday mornings to make an A-line skirt or a shift dress, that would make a start to your summer wardrobe and in the weekly groups you could make all sorts of pretty things!

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