I’d like to sew but I’m not creative. I hear that quite a bit, people have been squashed into boxes, someone a parent, a teacher told them they aren’t creative & they never try again. 2016-01-16 10.34.12

Quietly I suppose I have always been a bit of a non-conformist (not so quiet now I’ve got older & don’t worry about what people think.) Someone tells me I’m not able to do something, it is like a red rag to a bull – I have to prove them wrong. I may get battered & bruised along the way & it may take years, but I will do it!Rose 1st Cushion

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the more it will grow. Start off with simple projects & gradually the more you do the more you will want to add personal touches to your sewing. You won’t want another plain cushion cover – the next one might have piping/appliqué/patchwork slowly that muscle is building.

You might not be ready for Free Motion Embroidery or Free Hand Cutting, but over time you could. Start by learning to sew. little-girls-dress



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