2016-09-24 15.51.00

This week has been a mixture of highs & lows, the lows are all to do with my mother’s health. Well she is 98 & still quite fit for her age, but she has been in hospital since before Christmas, she had stopped eating & drinking, they couldn’t just put her on a drip as her heart wouldn’t stand that. Amersham hospital have had her since just before Christmas & have got her physically about as good as it’s going to be. She lived on her own, not wanting help, but now she is having to go into a care home as she won’t have people living in the house with her. So, we wait & worry how she will settle, tonight will be the first night.

The highs are all business related, I had a meeting with a marketing lady to arrange for her to do some of the techie stuff to do with my web site etc. That will be a load off my mind, but we met in Hemel Hempstead, I took one look at the venue & thought this would be a great place to hold sewing classes, quiet areas with large tables & plenty of light. So being cheeky I asked the manager, only to find that I had met him before as he used to run the Akeman in Tring where I have had a class for several years. So, starting the 1st March I will be running a weekly sewing group in Hemel Hempstead.

Let me know about your week, have you done any sewing lately? I’m making a rag rug at the moment to use up loads of scraps, you wind strips of fabric round cord then sew it all together. I’ll take a picture when it’s finished.




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