In holiday mood, not a lot of time for sewing, we are cruising on the boat. We have a generator but it is hard to get petrol on the canal, the marina’s sell diesel for the boats, but not petrol. So we will eek out the fuel for the genny, just charging the phones and laptops. Then there can be a lack of signal! Sewing will have to wait, but never mind I can plan!!

We are cruising up the Grand Union going north, have taken 4 days to get to Stoke Bruerne. Have done the Blissworth tunnel, never enjoy that bit it is about 2 miles long and just wide enough to let 2 narrowboats pass each other. If you have a wider boat you have to book your passage, so CRT turn up and stop anyone entering the tunnel from the other end.

The only light is from the boats headlight, so you watch the dot of light at the end of the tunnel slowly getting bigger as you pass through. It is dark and water drips from the roof and air vents, with the occasional gush of water from the cracks in the brickwork.

One of the great things about cruising on your own boat is that there isn’t any packing! No wondering what to take and no suitcases to carry, we are a bit like a snail taking our home with us. The dog loves the trip plenty of walks, no being left alone. The cats aren’t quite sure, we lock them in while moving and let them out as soon as we moor up for the night. They view the boat as home and not where it is, so they go exploring and keep coming back to check we haven’t moved!

Now back to planning, there will be a 6 week course for making Christmas presents. One session to make a Poncho (very good for beginners). More Dress Making classes, as we get towards the party season ways to update and refashion your party dress, make a shoulder cape to go over a strappy dress

Getting closer to launching ‘Mary Anne’s Online Sewing Bee!’ Do you think I should do something special for the launch and if so, what would you like?

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