010 I’m getting really excited about launching ‘Mary Anne’s Online Sewing Bee’ I have been working on it for ages and not getting very far, but I have now got some help from Yvette Segal at Plan-It Purple. Techy stuff isn’t something I know a lot about, give me fabric any day! You can try to do things on your own but after a while most of us need a bit of professional help. In the long run getting help will not only save time (something that we are all short of, but also save money) good fabric isn’t cheap, help and guidance can stop you making expensive mistakes.So over the next couple of weeks I hope to get more info out to you and have a launch date. Do you think I should do something special for the launch and if so, what would you like?

Do you use Instagram? I’ve just started using it and having great fun getting pictures of things my clients are making. Also taking pictures of clients sewing, this is her 1st try at sewing a zip into a skirt, I think it is very good. Later on I will put up pictures of other types of zip.       2015-04-27 10.54.47

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