An abrupt change of events found us living on a narrowboat near Tring. It was during a recession & my online business was failing. Since I’ve been self employed since 1985 I am inclined to think that I’m unemployable, too used to doing things my way! 

A chance phone call turned things around. The lady I was talking to suggested that I take my sewing skills & teach other people – at that time I thought everyone could sew. But she patiently explained to me (like talking to a child) that not everyone had a mother like mine (an expert home sewer) who had the skills to start me sewing at about 5 years old, using her electric Singer sewing machine by the time I was 9!

So, I took my 35-year-old sewing machine & set up classes. The rest, as they say, is history! I now run about 20 classes per month, everything from complete beginners, weekly groups, dressmaking, bag making, cushions& soft furnishings.

I now have 2 sewing machines & 2 overlockers that I cart around to different classes.

Most people bring their own machines, so they can learn how they work.

I also make gifts to sell, usually at floating markets. We cruise along the canal either to a designated market or sometimes we just find a nice spot, moor up & I set up my stall for a few days. View my online shop

To add to my repertoire, I’m making up sewing kits, including a video so you can work with me even if you can’t get to classes. If you are thinking of starting a sewing business I’ve written an eBook to help you! It’s here!! My EBook ‘Start a Sewing Business from home, around your family, save on childcare.

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