2015-03-28 17.41.09A fun up-cycling project, make a sundress out of a mans shirt.This and many other videos will be available in ‘Mary Anne’s Online Sewing Bee’ which I am going to launch this month. Eeek!! Keep your eyes open and you will be able to get your hands on this fab membership program with loads of fun and support! Go to https://youtu.be/BJjGVPtfdPw to watch the video.

If you have always wanted to be able to sew or haven’t sewn for ages, this is the place for you! You want to sew but don’t have time or energy to go to regular classes, your sewing has to be fitted around a busy family life, work and other commitments.

Get access to monthly sewing projects with videos, written instructions and a live monthly webinar where you can ask questions about the sewing projects. There is also a private facebook group so you can post pictures of your projects, ask questions and chat with the other members. but still have the help and companionship of a normal class. I will be in the group regularly to help and give guidance.

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