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You know that feeling when you wander round the shops looking for something to wear, nothing fits, they don’t have it in your size. the colour doesn’t suit you. That is without the discomfort of trying things on in tiny sweaty changing rooms in bad lighting. You end up either not buying anything or buying in desperation, when you get the item home you hate it!

Party season will soon be upon us, how can you have something original, that fits and hasn’t cost the earth for every occasion, whether it is a posh do/family party/ lunch with friends/ outfit for Christmas Day/ outfits for the kids.

Invest in yourself, 2 hours per week or a couple of full days will give you the skills and help, to make something yourself. You can be that irritating person who always has just the right thing to wear and looks fabulous, for a faction of the cost of made to measure designer wear.

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