Well, I’m extremely glad Doris has gone, today has been a beautiful spring day. Sunshine & the birds singing again.

Yesterday life on the boat was a little scary, all down to Doris!

We had waves on the canal & white horses across the reservoir, the boat was tugging at the mooring ropes. One very good thing was that the wind was pushing us against the bank & blowing the trees away from us. Boats moored on the other side of the canal weren’t quite as lucky, a tree came down across the towpath but luckily it missed the boats by a few feet.

 The towpath was blocked when I drove home early afternoon, so had to reverse back, luckily, I only have a small car & I could turn it round in the passing place. Otherwise I’d have had to reverse up a very steep ramp onto a busy road, left the car in the pub carpark overnight.

Well on the sewing front I’m getting ideas together for the canal festivals that start at Easter & continue all summer. As well as making items to sell, I’m going to make up some sewing kits for people to make up themselves. I will give you the dates later then you would be very welcome to come, have a chat & book up some classes.

But I want to tell you about the next Beginners Sewing Machine Skills which is on Sunday 5th March in Chesham. This class is for ladies who are struggling to take the sewing machine out of the box! If you are nervous & think the instruction manual has been written by aliens, you are in the right place! I can help you, gain the skills you need to tame that beast of a machine. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Just to keep you up to date, my mother is settling in the care home, so far so good. When I went to see her yesterday they had an optician visiting doing eye tests. Well as might be expected she needs some new glasses, but they will bring them back in a couple of weeks. But must admit when they had sorted out her prescription, she could read more of the print than I could without glasses! 

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