IMG_1531I wanted to make myself a summery dress, most sensible people would look at some pattern books or see a style they like in the shops and find a similar pattern. They would choose some fabric and buy any thread, zip, interfacing and anything else the pattern required, probably all from the same shop. Not me (that would make my life too easy!) also I love upcycling!

I had met up with my mother and sister for a coffee and a snack lunch in a local cafe, we often meet there and then go to have a look round the charity shop that is almost next door. Mum looks at some books to read and perhaps some of the toys for her great grandchilden (there are 7 of them!) My sister might look at the books and see if they
have any classy designer clothes. Me? It is straight to the fabric, old curtains and bedding, well I just use the fabric to make something else.
This time I bought some duvet covers, my sister asks what are you going to do with those? She can be a bit disparaging at times, I tell her it is just a project I’m working on. One has really wide stripes in 2 blues, white, orange, beige and brow, must admit it doesn’t look very inspiring, but when I get it home I cut it up into the different colours, then take the blue strips, find some other fabric that will go with it, a shawl I bought for about a £1 and a 50p remnant, I know how to splash the cash!!
The most time consuming part has been cutting it all into 6″ squares and sewing them into strips. I used the overlocker to make 5 rows of patchwork and a small section for the bodice. For this design I want the overlocking stitches to be on the right side, with the bodice I did loads of lines with shirring elastic then attached it to the circles of patchwork gathering in each one to fit the one above. Again stitch with the overlocker with the seams on the right side.
The top edge of the bodice needs neatening so I sew on some bias binding tape, fold it over and this time hand stitch it in place. The hem I turned up and used a 3 stitch zig zag stitch.
Just the shoulder straps to make and attach then I have a very pretty summer dress which cost abot £3.50 to make. With Upcycling and refashioning you have to be prepared to just give things a go, it won’t always look quite as you envisioned but it you don’t like it it hasn’t cost you much and you will have learnt a lot!

I am going to make another dress, video it to put on the online membership club. This dress is very easy to make, the hard bit is the techy stuff to get it on the membership club!

Hope to see you soon
Mary Anne x

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