1) Make sure you have everyone’s correct sizes (measure the family!)
2) Keep a look out for nice buttons, lace, trims and zips usually tucked away in small baskets.
3) If you see a fabric you love but hate the style, you can upcycle it into something you love.
4) Jeans can be made into bags, jackets, skirts!
5) Ties can be sewn together to make a skirt, waistcoat, or an interesting panel in another garment.
6) Men’s shirts can be made into little girls dresses, cushion covers, woman’s sun dress.
7) T-shirts can be made into little girls dresses and skirts, shopping bags, re-cut into different shaped tops.
8) Duvet covers can make tablecloths, tee-pees for kids to play in the garden. The pillowcases make great sun dresses for little girls, or jumpsuits for toddlers.

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