1. Sewing machine – buy the best you can afford; I’ve had sewing machines that have lasted 30 years. You may not use all the stitches, but the quality of the motor will be better & quieter, the stitches will be more accurate and stronger. There will be less problems with the tension. Over time you will probably use more of the stitches than you thought you would.

  2. Scissors, you need good tools that will last for many years, cutting out scissors (dressmaking shears) don’t use them for anything other than fabric. You will need a smaller pair as well for cutting threads/getting into small spaces/clipping curves

  3. Needles, you need a selection of needles for your sewing machine different sizes 70’s, 80’s, 90’s are the most commonly used sizes. (the lower the number the finer the needle) It is also a good idea to have leather needles (90’s & 100’s) these are for oil cloth & thick fabrics. If you are going to sew knitted fabrics, you need ball point needles. Also a few needles for hand sewing.

  4. Pins, a box of good pins for regular sewing. Don’t get the tiny ones or the really long pins at this sewing-machine-skillsstage. Save them for when you need something more specialized.

  5. Tape measure, remember measure twice & cut once!

  6. Snips, look like mini spears, great to keep by your sewing machine for cutting threads.

  7. Selection of different sewing machine feet, your machine will probably come with a couple. But you need a zipper foot, if you want to sew in a concealed zip, you will need a concealed zipper foot. Foot for blind hemming, though I just use the basic foot that the machine came with, same with the overlocking foot you can just use the basic foot. But I love the walking foot, great for slippery fabrics, oil cloth, several layers of fabric (mine has sewn through 8 layers of denim with a leather needle without the motor even struggling at all!) There are loads for feet available for your sewing machine, but these are the ones I use most.

  8. Spare bobbins, then you can load them up with thread ready for your next project. We always run out of thread on the bobbin at just the wrong time, so it makes life a lot easier if you have some already loaded.

  9. Tailors chalk/chalk pencil/ fabric pen (ink fades over a few hours so only mark the fabric when you are ready to sew.

  10. Selection of good quality thread in colours to match your fabric, if you can’t get an exact match go for a shade darker, it will blend in better. Don’t buy the cheap supermarket thread, it is false economy, it breaks while you are stitching. Also, a lot of machines don’t like it giving you stitching problems, missing stitches, tension all wrong etc. Gutermann is a good make, but there are a couple of others available.

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Testimonials from previous clients
Sewing made easy by Sally – September 2016 (Beginners Sewing Machine Skills)
Great tuition, I was a complete beginner and I have come away feeling confident that I can begin some basic projects and feeling enthusiastic, I will certainly be booking further workshops to get some more fabulous tuition.
Beginners Sewing Machine Skills
by KRIS_DEBLOCK – April 2016
Mary Anne is an experienced teacher who managed to show us quite a lot about sewing in this three-hour session. Very relaxed atmosphere, great little venue, hands-on learning and good fun!
Just had to say that I really enjoyed your sewing class
Mandy July 29th 2015
Just had to say that I really enjoyed your sewing class, I learnt a great deal in such a fun and relaxed way. You are the knowledge in all sewing matters and will be coming back to make that garment very soon. Thanks again Mandy x

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